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Slim-Line Series

Allyn-Date Write offers a wide range of slim-line desk counter pens-calculator attachment and time clock features. 

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105 Theftproof Pen
ORDER PEN REFILLS HERE Allyn Quick-Ship. Contour® Theftproof Pen, Shown in Satin Chrome. Dome..
111 Theftproof Pen
ORDER PEN REFILLS HERE Shown in Satin Chrome, Single Pen, Square Corner Base. Size: 1&quo..
CD105 Calendar/Pen Station.
Contour® Series, Shown in Satin Chrome, Digital Calendar/Clock Pen Station. Size: 8"W x ..
CD205 Calendar/Pen Station
Contour® Series, Shown in Satin Black, Digital Calendar/Clock 2 Pen Station. Size: 10"W x 2"L. In..
CSL300CP Slim-Line Series
Shown in Satin Brass, Contour® corners, Digital Calendar/Clock, Calculator/Pen Station, Also ava..
CSL300S Slim-Line Series
Shown in Satin Chrome,Square corners, Digital Calendar/Clock, Calculator. Also available in Contour&..
CWO Calendar
Shown in Duranodic Bronze. Contour® Series, Digital Calendar/Clock. Size: 2"H x 4&q..
CAH300CP Calculator/Pen Station
Shown in Satin Black,  Contour® corners, Slim-Line Calculator/Pen Station. Also available i..
CAH300S Calculator
Shown in Duranodic Bronze. Slim-Line. Square Corners, Solar-Powered Calculator. Also Available with ..
CAH300C Calculator
Shown in Satin Chrome. Slim-Line. Solar-Powered Calculator with Contour® corners. Also available..