QS105 Theftproof Pen


Allyn QS105 Contour Theftproof Pen, Quick Ship
(Satin Black or Satin Chrome)

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Reduce maintenance costs and keep counters/desks looking clean and professional with quality, Allyn Theftproof Pens. The Allyn QS105 is an attractive and affordable writing instrument for banks, financial institutions, office reception and countless other customer-centric spaces. Dependable and secure,  the QS105 features:

  • 2″ diameter “cornerless” aluminum base – making unauthorized removal virtually impossible
  • Stainless steel aircraft cable secures pen to base, defying ordinary shears and wire cutters
  • Unique lock-thread system for secure ink cartridge replacement (see P-34R Allyn Jumbo Pen Refills)
  • Secure & easy installation with super double-sided adhesive and (optional) mounting screw
  • Satin Black or Satin Chrome finish

Allyn QS105 Theftproof Pens carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

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