Today’s top design firms continually specify the comprehensive product line of Allyn Date-Write® check desk accessories, bank equipment, and interior graphics.

Date-Write® Products, including such exclusive Allyn features as Theftproof pens and gravity activated waste drop doors, offer designs that are aesthetically appealing, functionally outstanding, durable and secure. Additionally, all Date-Write® units are self-contained and have the flexibility of Allyn’s fully modular designs. They can be specified in 8 satin aluminum finishes or in mirror brass, mirror chrome, antique bronze or antique brass. A large number of Date-Write® products are inventoried and ready for immediate shipment via Allyn’s innovative Quick-Ship Program.

When specifying or ordering any products on this e-commerce website, please furnish full details, as follows:

  • Selection of metal and finish for Date-Write® housings.
  • Plaque colors, type colors and type styles for Date-Write® calendars, waste plaques, and interior graphic signage. Helvetica medium caps or caps and lowercase are standard, although all type styles are offered.
  • Color finishes for pens, calendar and sign frames and all metal parts. Metal finish charts are available upon request.